Новая версия редактора сохранений Mass Effect 2.
1. The editor will read/write either pcsav or xbsav files. This also makes the «New Male» and «New Female» menu items work for the xbox version.
2. Added some game save information to the main screen: Notably some location information (albeit in acronym form at this time), Time played, and Last Played time.
3. Created a menu item for the toolbox headmorph import/export (it’s still in the toolbox, also).
4. Changed the strings to use windows default encoding so it would quit removing the accented characters in name. Also changed the colour formats so that they are RGBA order both before *and* after expanding. (IIRC the original Gibbed was ABGR after expanding—default alphabetical.)
5. Added a player->skills tab with access to more upgrades/skills.
6. Added Legion plot table.
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